MetaTech Report Generator

You can make the notification of your all transactions precisely with our reporting module. This application which runs on both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 servers is responsible for the preparation of data set to be used in the formation of accounting and Custody Bank documents. Writing the transactions on a file on the server as real-time, this application reports the end of day open positions, customer balances and symbol closing information at the same time!

MetaTech Report Checker

MetaTech Report Checker application is used for MT4 and MT5 users to generate accounting and Custody Bank reports. Using the raw data generated by MetaTech Report Generator, the application has been integrated with the accounting systems. It has the capacity to integrate with the accounting systems of all kinds upon request.

MetaTech Trade Collector

MetaTech Trade Collector module has three parts; windows service, plug-in and the console application. You can instantly transfer a comprehensive data set related to your transactions to any media you want. It runs on TCP/IP and stores the data in case of disconnection. When connection is re-provided, the accumulated data is sent automatically. There is no loss of data, when MetaTrader stops or shuts down. It has been designed to provide your real-time integration with accounting. It also creates system reports whenever you want during the day by means of console application. Raw data set used is same as MetaTech Report Generator.
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