The MetaTech Log Extension plug-in logs all of the Manager, Symbol and Group changes you have made on MetaTrader4, and all settings made in the new definitions. All logs are displayed in the Journal field on the MetaTrader Administrator with the manager information and the date / time of the transaction that made the change or new addition. In addition, leverage ratio control is possible with the MTF4LogExtension plug-in, you can set the maximum level so that this ratio is not exceeded.

If the MTF Log Extension Plugin is not used, the management departments cannot see the details of these changes.

The MTF4LogExtension plug-in makes all changes detailed before and after change.


MetaTech Log Extension plugins allow you to control leverage ratios. In case of new definition or modification, if the lever Maximum leverage Ratio that you specify via the plugin is exceeded, the new value will be reduced to the specified level.