Yes, It’s a solution which developed by our own professional developer team and all rights are belong to Metatech  Software Corp.

For Metatech software’s, it’s enough to apply on Contact Information section in our page by filling your company information and specify your request. After your application, one of our experts will contact with you.

Our products are user-friendly. We have training support for our being developed products. Furthermore, you can start to use our products quite easily by using our product documents.

Your data will be kept your own servers. So, safety of your data is in your responsibility. You can maintain your server’s safety by using server’s own Firewall and using Anti-virus software’s. Also, you can take precautions by using high level protections and daily backups.

All of your data will be kept in your own servers, So you will not loss any data.

 Solution of any software problems which belongs to Metatech.

Technical support for use application.

Solution of any problem which caused by current version of the application.

When servers became unusable caused by any breakdown or crash. We transferring the system to a new server and starting licensing procedure and there will be no charge for these operations to our clients which signed a support agreement with us.

In hours of work, Our Customer representative and technical support will be available for our clients, this service is also being evaluated in support scope.

Yes , Our customer representatives will be available in hours of work. You can contact with our support team between 09:00  AM to 05:00 PM in weekdays.

You can ask any questions about technical support by sending e-mail to us and depends on your problem, our technical support employees can provide technical support by connecting your system using remote connection programs on web.

Annually renewed license owners can contact with us for any problem in hours of work in online or calling by phone to our technical support.

CRM corporate firms are not responsible for operation of system or any technical problems can be cause in systems of companies who did not renewed their support agreement.

Software’s which developed by us have very developed log record system. Users who has admin level of authorization in our software’s can able to monitor all IN/OUT records and other users’ operations in system.

Yes, you can set auto backup for any specified time to any specified location by you. These backups cannot be access or visualize by our firm.

In applications which developed by our firm, we care “KVKK”. For this reason, We are using work system on our products to secure any private and general document or documents. These documents are not keep or monitor by us.